Monday, 28 January 2013

A New Begining and Motif #20

Sorry for being absent for so long.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Over Christmas while wearing my snowflake earings at the shop, one of our regular customers asked where I got them, when I told Him that I made them and that I tat, he asked if I would teach him.  So this year I have started teaching Alex, Alison, Amanda and Isabel how to tat.  3 weeks ago we had our first Tatting Tuesday.  By reading other peoples blogs when they are teaching new tatters, we started with two colour chains.  After an hour and a half of concentration, mistakes and success, they all left having mastered the flip and putting picots on their chains.  I was really proud of their success.  Next week onto rings and butterflys.

Since November I have been tatting more snowflakes, christmas ornaments as presents and using the supplies I got in a christmas exchange.
Here are some of the christmas ormaments that I gave as presents to DH's family.
motif #20 Christmas ornaments
 I also remade the Minor flying Norwiegen Dragon as a present for a girl for her 21st. I beaded it and stiffen and placed jump rings on it and threaded a ribbon to make a necklace for her.
Beaded Minor Flying Norwiegen Dragon
Hopefully it wont be so long between posts.