Thursday, 14 June 2012

Empress Flower Garden

Well here is the finished suncatcher I made with the Empress edging and I am very pleased with how it  has turned out.  Thanks to my son for getting me to switch the wire from the outer flowers to the outside beads, it now sits better.  This will go to a friend of mine who had a birthday this last week, she should love it.

Empress Flower Garden
size 40 thread  Lizbeth Ocean Sunset and dark Green

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fun with Empress Motif #8

I am still amazed at how my mind works some times.
We all saw Frivole's post on Thursday about her very pretty edging.
Well I had to try it. So found the pattern in The Tatters Treasure Chest, Empress. Got out my Ocean Sunset and the only green I had, and tatted a small sample about 5cm long.  Then I started fiddling.  Would it form a medalion if I joined it,  Yes,  So I then added a little centre to pull it in and finally another row aroud the outside.  What I like about how this turned out is the dark green makes it look a little like a lead light Rose Window and I love looking at stained glass windows.  So I will add another few rounds as I would like it to be bigger.  Sometimes playing with our tatting is very rewarding.

Motif #8
Empress  edging as a medalion
The Tatters Treasure Chest