Monday, 24 September 2012

Elegant Corsage (#16)

One week before Formal (Prom) my son asks if he is getting a corsage for his date, as all the boys at school were talking  about them.  As they are wearing black (her) and White (him) I thought I would make a corsage for her.  So out with my size 40 thread in black and white, silver beads and Mary Konior's Rosa Frivola from Tatting with Visual Patterns.
Rosa Frivola being blocked
 and forced into shape with spray starch (from the back)

Then I gathered some white and silver organza ribbon as a backing and attached a silver and black finding to the front.

 Voila!! one Black and White Corsage, that will last forever and I think that it is a timeless design.
 And a picture of my lovely model

And Damien and his date Courtney (when did he grow up, the years have flown by, he has just 7 weeks till he finishes school)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Taming Tina (motifs #14 and #15)

I down loaded copies of the Tina Frauberger books when they became available, and have added two patterns to my snowflake collection.   This has been a lesson to learn as I don't read or speak German, but by going over the first section of the book and matching her notations to the pictures I was able to get the stich count and movement of the patterns.  Now I have tamed Tina and have even more pretty patterns to tat.
The first is fig73 on page 71 of the 1919 book.  I modified the pattern by putting a six ring centre in the middle and I used Josephine Knots on the outside.
The second is fig52 on page 54 of the 1921 book.  To this one I added beads on all the joins and picots, then I added a ring to the centre chain, (which I didn't think through very well and use the wrong stitch count).  I will do this one again to perfect the centre, before modifing it again.

Fig 73 p71 1919                   Fig52 p54 1921           
Tina Frauberger