Friday, 25 November 2011

#13 and #14 motifs for 25 motif challenge

I have taken Mary Konior's  carnival motif and made a christmas ornament as #13 and made a minature angel for a friend for her christmas card as #14.
Carnival with a small mistake in the centre
Carnival finished with a bead loop and an angel button
small angel ( sorry for the angle can't find how to rotate
 on my new laptop)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Back to what I really want to do (#10, #11 and #12)

Well that's the paper work done for the time being.  Now where was I? 
 Motif #10
Mary Konior's Black Magic as a motif

 Next #11
 Mary Konior's bell flower modified to a six point star with beads to fill the spaces.  It was a little lanky so I added a wired bead round with the green beads in the red rings.  it needed to be tighter so is still a little loose, will keep for myself.

now #12 
 from my own thought process this round of frilly chains which I have turned into the 5th christmas ball (does it look like a tree? which is what I was going for).  Originally it was to go on a gold ball but was too big and I only had a blue ball in the right size so the colours are a little muted.  If I ever do another one will keep the outer chain count the same for the last four rows as it was a bit too frilly and won't sit right, even after I blocked before closing on the ball. what do you all think???

The only two chains which hang as they should

Base of ball to look like a trunk

notice how the beads are everywhere but where I want them hanging neatly

I have also included one piece that I made 20 years ago to trim a evening suit, it is the daisy chain from one of the Dover publications.
Well the weather here in Warwick Queensland is Hot Hot Hot 35degC today yesterday monday and all last weekend.  gearing up for christmas putting up the lights and general cleaning of the yard and house.  Spring has left us behind (only 2 weeks this year as winter continued with its cold days 16degC right up until the middle of October) and now summer is upon us.

till next time happy tatting and christmas planning. 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

#8 and #9 of 25

have completed the Astrid ball and the red star ball as well,  the pink in Coats size 40 and the red in Coats size 20.  I am pleased with how the red turned out with the simple 5 point star repeated in two rows twice around the middle and six point motifs on the ends.

well I will need to take a short break so I can complete business paperwork and then I will be back to finish the 5th ball for my husband and continue the challenge. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

25 Motif Challenge

Here are Motifs 6,7 and 8 that I have been working on.  After reading others blogs and posts, I was inspired to create some christmas ornaments.
No. 6 is edging 8834, p91 the tatters treasure chest, with the motif no3 from my previous post and filler tatting and beads.

No7 is the medallion (fig27 p9 tatting paterns Julie Sanders) with bead accents and attached with chains and rings.

 No 8 is a length of Astrid (tatting paterns and designs p22) this will also become a christmas ornament  completed photo to be posted later.
I need to learn not to show my husband what I am doing as he has now requested more christmas balls for his family.  I now have 8 weeks to finish 5 balls and post them in time for christmas.  Back to work.  I am enjoying the challenge of putting different patterns together to form these balls.  Stay tunned.

Past Cross Stich Projects

Over the last few years I have completed a number of cross stitch kits.
The first is a cushion I made for my mother in law with all her grandchildren
on it.  The pattern is by Karen Avery titled "Our Grandchildren". 

Then I did this fruit bowl kit of oranges and lemons. 

More recently I have completed this Heart of Roses from a kit.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

First 5 motifs for 25 motif challenge

Since my last entry I have started the 25 motif challenge, to tat 25 motifs in one year.  My first five motifs are below.
The first 3 are from "The Complete book of tatting by Rebecca Jones"
fig 119
fig 123
fig 122

Next is from "tatting patterns and designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson"
page 39 star 2

and lastly couldn't resist Elizabeth's Little Cross.
Elizabeths little cross

Monday, 26 September 2011

Hello from Frances

Well this is my first ever blog, so bear with me as I learn how to do this.

I will be posting my lace making and other craft projects, as well as life stories.
Today to start off here is a picture of my rose "Sonya"
She flowers year after year and has moved house with us twice, and still continues to produce
beautiful flowers.
Hopefully next time I will have some craft photographed and scanned.