Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tropical wonders : Motif #7

While perusing Jane's pattern page and her doodles, I spied the Turtle doodle and immediately thought of my cousin Peter.  Now Peter likes to tease the rest of us cousins with photos of his home and job.  He is a caretaker on a private tropical island in  Nth Queensland.  We get photos of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets , as well as snakes, scorpions, turtles and all the fish he catches .  So I have tatted the following doodles for him and his 10year old son. I added the sea horse for fun. Thanks Jane for the doodles.
Jane Eborall's Doodles.
Scorpion, Seahorse, Fish, Turtle and Snake

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Motifs #5 and #6 and on being inspired by other tatters.

In the last two weeks, while avoiding housework and paperwork, I have been blog surfing and reading on facebook about the stuff other tatters want to know and how to do them.  The next two motifs are from a facebook group that I follow.  The May challenge was to do Anika's doily from her blog Tattingitup.  I did mine in Lizbeth #155 Ocean sunset size 40 and I love how it turned out.  I gave this to my sister for her birthday this week.

#5 Anika's Easy and Acient Doily

Then on another day two tatter were talking about a pattern for Flowers of Life and posted the pattern which I couldn't resist.  So I completed it this weekend using size 10 white thread and it measures about 9cm, a nice coaster size.  I did learn that the centres need to be tighter and the edge looser, to stop it from cupping.  Otherwise I like it and I think that I see it in the Ocean Sunset as well after I finish the last of the birthday presents I have started.

#6 Shannon's Flowers of Life

Till next time keep tatting.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Back in August I was working on split rings and had WIP of a Daisy chain, which I was doing on several plane flights to Melbourne and back that we did last year.  In September when I began the 25 motif challenge I went looking for that piece of lace and it had disappeared.  So I have been looking for it for the last six months as I knew that I had not left it on the plane or in Melbourne.  Today I found it in the back of my desk draw from when I moved my desk to another room.  This is such a relief as it contained two of my original shuttles which I now have back.
 I really like these two shuttles, an original clover and my second milward shuttle from my set of two.

Now I can add more thread and continue the chain.
Today is a great day.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Where Did April go???? Motif #2, #3 and #4

Well here we are in May and I need to update my blog again (I really should do this more often).  After tatting the ring a ring a rosies from my last post I picked up Tatting Hearts by Teri Dusenbury and started tatting.  I have completed 8 of the 12 hearts from that ball of thread and have enough for maybe two or three more (will post their pictures when I have finished them all).

I also completed the Tardis Pattern by Ann Brovold for my nephews hand towel set, he is a massive Doctor Who fan, he will receive his set in early June for his birthday.
#2 Tardis by Ann Brovold

  His sister is getting this butterfly edging from Tatting doilies and edgings, Rita Weiss  p38 #6, both sets done in Milford Satin 2ply, which works well for towels and edgings.
#3 Butterfly edging

I made another dragon for my SIL for her birthday, they like dragons in their home. Her son got the other one from the previous post.
#4 Flying Minor Norweigen Dragon in Lizbeth Ocean Sunset #40

 Now three more sets of towels before the end of May, as well as the rest of the hearts now that I have another ball of thread.  I am also waiting for my Birthday present ordered from Jane, I hope it gets here soon as I can't wait to try it out.