Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fun with Empress Motif #8

I am still amazed at how my mind works some times.
We all saw Frivole's post on Thursday about her very pretty edging.
Well I had to try it. So found the pattern in The Tatters Treasure Chest, Empress. Got out my Ocean Sunset and the only green I had, and tatted a small sample about 5cm long.  Then I started fiddling.  Would it form a medalion if I joined it,  Yes,  So I then added a little centre to pull it in and finally another row aroud the outside.  What I like about how this turned out is the dark green makes it look a little like a lead light Rose Window and I love looking at stained glass windows.  So I will add another few rounds as I would like it to be bigger.  Sometimes playing with our tatting is very rewarding.

Motif #8
Empress  edging as a medalion
The Tatters Treasure Chest


  1. Wonderful, wonderful, I love that! Well done. Yes, fiddling pays off, and I think it's great when one person's work gives someone else an idea, so there's a development.

  2. I like it!! I think playing is always good.

    I feel the need to quote "The Great Learning" but I am going to hold myself back. But it is true, exploring and investigating is how we become better at the things we do. :o)

  3. What a clever adaptation - and that Ocean Sunset looks very pretty for flowers too!

  4. So brilliant! Love it!
    Fox : ))