Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Motifs #9, #10 and #11.

Well time has passed quickly and we are now at the end of July.  I have done some tatting since I was last here, in between 2 weeks training and end of year paperwork.  First I purchased some threads from Jess at Tatilious  among them was her western red ( I think, sorry Jess I lost the packet) which I tatted into a length of edging (Tatted Doilies and Edgings, Rita Weiss.) then joined into a circle and when I find a centre that it fits, it will be completed.

Motif #9 Western Red HDT by Jess size 20
I am also tatting snowflakes for a project which I will hopefully post about next when I collect some photos.  Here are a few that I have already done.

motif  #10 and #11 Snowflakes size 10 white 

Redid the photos with a better background.
More on the snowflakes later.


  1. Your edging is so beautiful!!! And you have some wonderful snowflakes there too!!! :)

  2. You were very close, I had named it just "Western", but I like "Red Western"! It looks very nice tatted up! :o)
    The snowflakes are very nice as well!