Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My First tatting projects circa 1988 -1991

I first learned to tat after seeing a cross bookmark and I wanted to make one for myself.  After much searching I found Dover Publications and from the limited directions in the back taught myself to tat.  I still have my first Milward shuttle and the little hook it came with. Shown here with a hanky edging #6622 from Traditional Tatting Patterns in Coats size 100.
My First Shuttle

After making the cross bookmark from Traditional Tatting Patterns.  I then decided that I would like to make an edging for a Christening robe for the future.  So in 1989, everymorning and evening on the 40 min train ride to and from home I tatted the edging No52 on page 22 in 'Tatting Patterns' in size 100 Coats.  The lower edging is approximately 1.4m long. The other insertions were tatted during my sisters pregancy so that we could have the dress ready for the christening in 1991.

The completed dress
Yoke, sleeve and neck edging

Detail Lower edging
When I now think back to this time it was very ambitious of me to tackle this project as a beginner.  I  learnt to untat and that was hard on size 100 thread. The pattern was very simple and I am very proud of this piece of work.  The sewing of the dress was done by my talented mother who does wonderful sewing, She was the one who hand sewed all the tatting on.

Motif #19 and #20

I have now completed motif #19 which is Merriment by Jon Yousoff and her foldover bookmark #20.
#19 Merriment by Jon Yousoff
#20 Foldover Bookmarkby Jon Yousoff

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bell Flowers #17 and Leaf #18

For #17 I again tackled Mary Konior's "Bell Flowers" as a set for my friend who showed me a little of Perth when I visited in May 2011.  I made them in red so that she could use them for decoration on her 'Red Hat' outfits.
#17 Bell Flowers (Mary Konior)
.  I also tatted a leaf to go with it.

#18 leaf

Monday, 9 January 2012

UFOs and #16

While cleaning out and organizing my tatting stuff,  I found two UFOs.  The yellow book mark is pattern which I have tatted in various forms over the last 20 years (will show you the original in another post).  Then I found Snow Crystals from 'The Tatters Treasure Chest' which I know I started at least 6 years ago and ran out of shuttle thread with two repeats on the outer chain to go.  So I added thread and finished it but realised that my style of tatting since starting the challenge has changed and you can see where I took it up again.  So I retatted it in varigated purple, using split rings and chains so I only had two threads to hide at the end.  The tension difference and new techniques give a piece which needs very little blocking.
#16 and the finished UFO

finished UFO bookmark

Happy New Year 2012 (Motif #15)

Back again.  Running a shop in a food court in a shopping centre is exhausting at Christmas and New Year.  I have been tatting in my down time as well as preparing for Christmas, and have several small projects to show over the next few days
.First I tackled Festiva, from Judith Connors 'Creative Tatting'. one in silver (whoops joined when I shouldn't have, now has 9 rings,) makes a great christmas ornament. Then the earings in white with rings instead of beads (so I could wear them at the shop). I also liked how the silver one turned out so I made one in green with red beads as a christmas wreath.
Silver wreath

Green Wreath