Monday, 2 April 2012

Happy International Tatting Day and motif #1 2nd round

Yesterday on internation Tatting Day, I did all things tatting.
First I updated my blog, ate chocolate, and then I finished the hand towels
I am doing for presents for my nieces and nephews .
Then I tatted a piece just for me, and finished it today.
This is Ring of Rosies from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns
in Milford Satin 2ply Red.  I even challenged myself to learn catherine
wheel joins and joined all the chains in the rings by this method.  After
the first flower I had learned it and didn't have to think too hard, so it was
relaxing to tat as I sat under the tree in our backyard on a beautiful autumn day.
The chains in the centre could have been a bit tighter and the centre
picot a bit bigger. Otherwise I really like it.

Ring of Rosies by Mary Konior

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Motifs #24 and #25, challenge completed

Well here they are my final two motifs.

Motif#24 is an edging pratice piece for a hand towel.  I modified edging no3 p21 from 'Tatting Edgings and Doilys by Rita Weiss', by removing a ring as I didn't want the edging to be too deep.  It was too crowded, so made it into two hearts, and used another for the towel.

Purple Hearts

 Motif #25 is this guitar pattern which I constructed from other edgings and insertions.


Construction instructions:
1: 2x twelve ring medalions joined at two chains.  Join/sew the inner ring of one medalion together to make the bottom bar. (could also use the 12ring medalion for the base and a 8 ring medation for the top, make the centre ring large enough the guitar hole, as I think the proportions would be better.)
2: 8 split ring insertion from 'Tatting with Ann Orr' p27 no33 (4picots on sides not 5 and one on each end) with 2 more split rings joined at top, at right angles using a split ring to climb up just change the location of the join  (Join to medalions at two chains when tatting first ring)
3: Then chain around the outside to bring it into shape (I used 3 dbs with the occasional 4dbs where needed) place 6 josephine picots at the top for tuning pins.
4: Add strings securing where necessary.

Ta Da  One Guitar

This is now attached to a hand towel for my guitar mad nephew who plays beautifully.

So 25 motifs took me 6 months. What have I learned.
 I have renewed my love of tatting, met some lovely people through their blogs. Played TAIS and learned lots of new techniques.  Played with designing elements and love the challenge of it.  Found more patterns than I could ever tat, and want to buy all the pattern books I read about (one day).
thank you  for the challenge, and I will be back with more soon.

Motifs #21, #22 and #23

Have been busy tatting if not posting.  I have completed edgings for hand towels for my nieces as presents which will have to wait till after their birthdays.
Motif #21 is Daisy Picot Snowflake by Jon Yousoff.  This was a nice pattern to learn daisy picots by and turn out quite well.
Daisy Picot Snowflake by Jon Yousoff
 Motif #22 in my first Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon by Ann Brovold.  Still need practice for the wings other wise I am happy how it turned out.  Will use this one on a hand towel for my nephew who loves dragons.
Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon by Ann Brovold

Motif #23 is a small mat that I free tatted.  Started with a centre ring and used a split ring to climb out, tatted a row of rings and chains, split ring to start 3rd row then clovers and chains.

Pink Mat
It was nice to just tat and not think too much about it, apart from how many dbs to use.  I was going to join the outter chains but after I did the first one I realised that it should have had more dbs so left them unjoined.  This was tatted with one bobbin wound CTM in Milford satin 2ply Lipstick in one pass as an experiment on how may rows I could tat with only one bobbin.  I tatted this piece in 2 hours in the car on the way to Brisbane for lunch at a friends place.  While at lunch I tatted 3 little flower motifs for hair clips for her daughters and another friends daughters. I still need to do one more flower and post it.