Saturday, 22 October 2011

#8 and #9 of 25

have completed the Astrid ball and the red star ball as well,  the pink in Coats size 40 and the red in Coats size 20.  I am pleased with how the red turned out with the simple 5 point star repeated in two rows twice around the middle and six point motifs on the ends.

well I will need to take a short break so I can complete business paperwork and then I will be back to finish the 5th ball for my husband and continue the challenge. 


  1. Welcome to the 25-Motif challenge! You're already up to #9!

    You're doing a GREAT job with all your ornaments! It takes vision and skill to take flat pieces of lace and form them over a spherical shape, with perfect connections. I'm quite fascinated how you have matched up 'different' patterns and made them work together!

    I definitely recognize edging #8834 on the green ball, and I'm amazed how you formed the Astrid lace over the ball above. Very well done! Your use of beads on the red ball here makes it quite special.

    These will be cherished gifts, but be preapared for even MORE more orders! :) Better keep these a secret until Christmas!

    Your cross-stitch is also lovely. I'm impressed with the flower fabric you used to match the Family Tree pillow perfectly. It is a beautiful keepsake!

  2. Thank you Kathy for comments. Now that the cushion is back in my possesion (sadly) I plan to find the perfect edging for the centre square and maybe and outer edge also, still planning. I made the cushion is such a hurry I had no time to finish it as I would have like. A project for the future.

  3. Your work is very nice!

    btw, thanks for the comment left on my blog.

    I love finding new tatting blogs to read. Keep up the good work!