Sunday, 16 September 2012

Taming Tina (motifs #14 and #15)

I down loaded copies of the Tina Frauberger books when they became available, and have added two patterns to my snowflake collection.   This has been a lesson to learn as I don't read or speak German, but by going over the first section of the book and matching her notations to the pictures I was able to get the stich count and movement of the patterns.  Now I have tamed Tina and have even more pretty patterns to tat.
The first is fig73 on page 71 of the 1919 book.  I modified the pattern by putting a six ring centre in the middle and I used Josephine Knots on the outside.
The second is fig52 on page 54 of the 1921 book.  To this one I added beads on all the joins and picots, then I added a ring to the centre chain, (which I didn't think through very well and use the wrong stitch count).  I will do this one again to perfect the centre, before modifing it again.

Fig 73 p71 1919                   Fig52 p54 1921           
Tina Frauberger