Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Serindipitious Edging (motif #17)

At Damien's School as the final year is such a small class, the students invite their parents to come to formal as well.  For this night I purchased a 3/4 sleeve royal purple dress to wear.  It was a bit plain so I edged the neckline in tatting.  I used Jess's Serindipity HDT size 40 to create a colour splash with the same pattern as motif #9.
this realy needs some more colour

Jess's HDT Serindipity size 40

Dress with trim attached
Me Damien and Paul ready to go.


  1. Oh that turned out beautifully!! Great job!!! <3

  2. Absolutely gorgeous edging!!! Love the design and color!!! :)