Sunday, 27 May 2012

Motifs #5 and #6 and on being inspired by other tatters.

In the last two weeks, while avoiding housework and paperwork, I have been blog surfing and reading on facebook about the stuff other tatters want to know and how to do them.  The next two motifs are from a facebook group that I follow.  The May challenge was to do Anika's doily from her blog Tattingitup.  I did mine in Lizbeth #155 Ocean sunset size 40 and I love how it turned out.  I gave this to my sister for her birthday this week.

#5 Anika's Easy and Acient Doily

Then on another day two tatter were talking about a pattern for Flowers of Life and posted the pattern which I couldn't resist.  So I completed it this weekend using size 10 white thread and it measures about 9cm, a nice coaster size.  I did learn that the centres need to be tighter and the edge looser, to stop it from cupping.  Otherwise I like it and I think that I see it in the Ocean Sunset as well after I finish the last of the birthday presents I have started.

#6 Shannon's Flowers of Life

Till next time keep tatting.


  1. Those are both wonderful!!! Love the colors in the top one! :)

  2. Lovely flowers of life motif, is there a pattern somewhere?