Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Back in August I was working on split rings and had WIP of a Daisy chain, which I was doing on several plane flights to Melbourne and back that we did last year.  In September when I began the 25 motif challenge I went looking for that piece of lace and it had disappeared.  So I have been looking for it for the last six months as I knew that I had not left it on the plane or in Melbourne.  Today I found it in the back of my desk draw from when I moved my desk to another room.  This is such a relief as it contained two of my original shuttles which I now have back.
 I really like these two shuttles, an original clover and my second milward shuttle from my set of two.

Now I can add more thread and continue the chain.
Today is a great day.


  1. Love the look of that daisy chain!!! :)

  2. Yes indeed it does look like it was a good day! I but you were glad to find your original daisy chain project, but even more so to have found your shuttles.